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Best 12 volt fillet knive?


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burned through 3 different electrics over the years. bought a set of Cutco knives, amazing. yes expensive, however the last set you will buy.I send them back for free sharpening after my last trip in late fall.they gave me 2 free fillet blades last fall.I did go through 2 fillet gloves last year, them puppies are SHARP !

greg sr

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I have been using Bubba now for two years now. It is without question by far the very best electric or battery powered knife on the market today! It came with two batteries and i have never run both batteries dry one trip. I live in Arizona and my trips last three to five days each as I am retired. I have cleaned well over 200 fish on one battery. I love it and always use it.


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The upper left looks like a Rada knife. They are amazing at filleting fish. I keep the sharpener handy and it keeps it going. Also use it for the smaller work when doing elk, deer and pronghorn.
Yes, I actually have 3 Rapala, Gerber, Kershaw and western is the other one pictured with the leather case (really holds an edge).If I have alot of work it's the 110vlt Rapala, it's a beast.


My experience has been with Lithium battery Rapalas and Bubbas. The Bubbas are good but the trigger mechanism is both in an awkward position for me and I've had two of them fail at the trigger mechanism. I was able to take them apart and get it to run but at $125 for the knifes, it seems like you shouldn't have to do that. I really like the Rapalas but they don't seem to have as much power as the Bubbas. I am normally filleting smallmouth bass-not large stripers-so that factor doesn't come into play often but both are nice knives. I can't imagine going back to non-electric!


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American Angler makes a really good 120 volt knife. I have not tried there 12 volt one. I'm going on my 6th year on mine. Used to go through one every year or so. The trigger would go out on them. I used to clean all the fish on the boat while we trolled. Found that the knife would not cycle fast enough to suit me if the battery wore down a little, with the motor running you were basically running off of the alternator which would cycle the knife faster. Key to doing a good job quickly with an electric knife is sharp blades, a knife that cycles quickly, and learning how to keep your angles to maximize your fillet size - not waste meat, while finishing them in a timely manner. I have never been able to resharpen the electric knife blades effectively - just buy new ones. I prefer the blades with the less aggressive teeth, waste to much meat with the really aggressive ones although they will cut through the rib bones more quickly.
Watched Tim Bagley's video on filleting stripers about 6 years ago. Ordered a 9" Dexter Russell knife that evening. My son got me a 9" Bubba blade for Christmas last year. Use the Bubba Blade to cut off the fillets and the Dexter Russell to take the skin and 90% of the red meat off with the skin. Using this process I am 3 times faster than using an electric knife on stripers. Use my American angler 120 volt on all other fish.