Bass Tournaments - 2018

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wayne gustaveson

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Here is the preliminary schedule of Bass Tournaments at Lake Powell in 2018.

If you know of other events please let me know and I will add them to the list. I am sure there will be some additions in the future.

Lake Powell Bass Tournament Schedule for 2018

Feb 17 UBTT Wahweap

March 10-11 UBTT Wahweap

March 10-11 Pepper/Yamamoto Bullfrog

March 16-18 B.A.S.S. State Qualifier Bullfrog

April 7-8 UBTT Wahweap

April 14-15 Pepper/Yamamoto Wahweap

April 27-28-29 UT Bass Federation Bullfrog

May 5-6 UBTT Wahweap

May 5-6 Bullfrog Open Bullfrog

Oct 6-7 Bullfrog Open Bullfrog

Oct 20-21 Pepper/Yamamoto Wahweap

Nov 2-4 B.A.S.S. State Qualifier Bullfrog

Nov 10-11 Pepper/Yamamoto Bullfrog
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been down same weekends as Bullfrog opens, I fish early but those bass guys blast out of there very early, never really been an issue.
Does anyone know where to sign up for the Pepper/Yamamoto tournament out of Wahweap in November?

Ron Colby says to show up in Page the night before the tournament and sign up at the tournament meeting held at the Dam Bar and Grill in Page. You can also send a payment to Yamamoto Baits at PO Box 1000, Page, AZ 86040. They will send out a notice about a month before the tournament with more detail.

(I would probably sign up the night before.)
They are held at the Dam Bar and Grille or next door in the Canyon Cantina at 5 pm on Friday evening before the tournament.
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