Bass Tournaments - 2017

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wayne gustaveson

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Here is a schedule for bass tournaments in 2017 at Lake Powell.

Feb 18-19 - UBBT at Wahweap
March 3-4 - Covello at Bullfrog
March 11-12 UBBT at Wahweap
March 17-19 Bass Nation at Bullfrog -
April 8-9 UBBT at Wahweap
April 29-30 Bullfrog Open
May 13-14 UBBT at Wahweap
October 7-8 Bullfrog Open
November 3-5 Bass Nation at Bullfrog

There will also be 4 Yamamoto Tournaments yet to be scheduled.

These events usually have 10 to 50 boats entered.

As more tournaments are added I will update this page.
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