Awesome book and met a legend!


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A couple of weeks ago we headed to Lake Powell and met Wayne. He was even more amazing than we imagined and we were honored to meet such a legend. No doubt he is the mostly knowledgeable Lake Powell fish expert and we expected knowledge but we were amazed by how nice, kind, friendly and down to earth Wayne is. He shared many tips with us, which resulted in great fishing. We bought his book, which he signed, which for sure is now part of our treasures possessions. The book, “My Lake, My Life” is an excellent read and we recommend it to anyone that loves this lake.

Here is us with Wayne. Not a fish picture, but to us, much more important. Thank you Wayne for everything!

Claudia and Steve


wayne gustaveson

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Wow what a kind report. Thank you! I am just lucky because the fishing at Lake Powell is just naturally really good. (Well I did help put stripers in and then smallmouth showed up). I cant take credit for that but it is fun to help anglers new to the lake get started.