August 14, 2019 - Summary report

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wayne gustaveson

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Lake Powell Fish Report – August 14,, 2019
Lake Elevation: 3621
Water temperature: 80-86 F
By: Wayne Gustaveson or

Shad numbers are much higher this year than seen in the past 5 years. We are still counting shad so the final tally is not yet available. The great news is that sport fish will have lots of food as they swim into the fall season. Here is what to expect:

Striped Bass: The northern lake is teeming with shad, which were protected by low visibility water in June and July. Boils are inevitable. Expect great top water fishing during mid-August and September. It is likely that Good Hope Bay almost to Hite, will have the most consistent boils.

Expect boils anywhere in the middle lake. So far, stripers have been boiling from the mouth of the San Juan to the Escalante.

The southern lake is farther behind since many newly hatched shad were slurped at a small size in clear water and not allowed to grow in big numbers as seen in the northern lake. There will be boils but not in the same numbers expected up north. Go out very early in the morning to get the best top water results.

Largemouth bass are brush-loving fish and will be in brushy shoreline habitat despite warm water temperature. Look for brushy coves with green trees sticking up. If an old tumbleweed pile in the brushy cove is available in deeper, cooler water that is the preferred habitat.

Smallmouth bass like rock structure, so they will be anywhere along the rocky shoreline. With shallow shad being present, the best smallmouth technique now is to use topwater lures at dusk and dawn each day. Later in the day drop Ned rigs and green plastic grubs to the bottom (20 feet or more) and work them slowly back to the boat.

Bluegill love the brushy coves with tumbleweeds windrowed at the base of the tamarisk forest at the waters edge. Small worms on small hooks make for a perfect match for the bold attitude of these aggressive panfish. Kids and bluegill were made for each other. Green sunfish will also join the party at the same time and place.

Walleye are lurking on flat bottom habitat near shore. Look for them on terraces about 20 feet deep. Use worms attached to bass jigs but move the bait slowly along the bottom. Ned Rigs work for walleye as well. The only issue is that twilight is the best time to catch these fish with great night vision.


Stripers are much fatter now that shad have grown to larger size. Boils are happening lakewide and will continue into September.
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