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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Issues' started by WaterMan, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. WaterMan

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    Arizona water levels are looking great this year.

    Roosevelt Lake has gone from 38% Jan. 1 to 56% today, with a lake level rise of over 22 foot.

    Bartlett Lake is at 97% today.

    Total Salt River storage is at 67%, That is 11% higher then last year.

    The more water Arizona has the less Colorado River water will be used.
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  2. Gem Morris

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    Doesn't Arizona pump its unused share into the ground to restore aquifers?
  3. WaterMan

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    Yes, Arizona has a large recharge system that recharges the ground water system. You might not what to know, but The CAP has a recharge system that uses Colorado River water that when unused water from there allotment and SRP system diversion canal to CAP canal is recharged to the ground water system.

    I remember in the 70's during the summer the wells would become dry(due to water table drop) and this doesn't happen any more.

    Recharge Program

    CAP has developed seven recharge projects and currently operates six (Avra Valley was sold to Metro Water in 2010). The Tucson Active Management Area (AMA) recharge facilities currently have a cumulative recharge capacity of 80,000 acre-feet per year and include the Pima Mine Road and Lower Santa Cruz Recharge Projects. In the Phoenix AMA, there are four existing facilities: the Aqua Fria, Hieroglyphic Mountains, Tonopah Desert, and Superstition Mountains recharge Projects, with a combined annual permitted capacity of 341,500 acre-feet per year.

    CAP currently operates six recharge projects including Agua Fria, Hieroglyphic Mountains, Lower Santa Cruz, Pima Mine Road, Superstition Mountains, Tonopah Desert recharge projects.

    Project Name Year Complete Permitted Capacity
    Avra Valley 1996-97 Sold to Metro Water in 2010
    Pima Mina Road 1998-99 30,000
    Lower Santa Cruz 2000 50,000
    Agua Fria 2001 100,000
    Hieroglyphic Mountains 2002 35,000
    Tonopah Desert 2006 150,000
    Superstition Mountains 2011 25,000
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  4. Waterbaby

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    Are they still storing water underground between Needles and Barstow for CA??? And didn't we store for CA at one time and they were placing a demand on the storage due to the drought? Something in the back of my mind on this........ BTW we have a very active under-ground spring between Kingman and Bullhead City which seems to do pretty well.
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  5. WaterMan

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    Inflow to Salt River Project system on 2-28-2017 was over 21,000 CFS.
  6. Bailer

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    Unfortunately a lot of that run off is on the verde side where both lakes are already full. Hopefully some of it reaches Mexico and helps fill that quota.
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