April 28 - May 5 Annual Trip (Bullfrog)

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Day 1: We arrived in anticipation of a possible government shutdown, crisis averted thankfully! Stayed in the lodge Friday night and waited for the houseboat to be put in the water so we just hung out for the rest of the day, no fishing.

Day 2: Weather was cool and really windy so we took the opportunity to get the boat launched and all of our gear loaded up onto the houseboat. Our family friend was supposed to meet us, but got snowed in, in Denver. Again, hung out (on houseboat) and talked strategy.

Day 3: Ran down to Lake Canyon for a few hours as we waited on the last of our party to arrive out of Denver. Hooked up on a few walleye using stump jumpers and believe it or not FLY's...yep, my brother fly fished the entire time. Ran back to Bullfrog and helped Tom get his boat in the water and situated on the houseboat. Went out just into Bullfrog Bay and caught a few SMB and one nice LMB.

Day 4: My Dad and brother ran all the way up to GHB and did OK on a couple walleye, crappie and bass. They hit the canyons coming back down from GHB and the action was progressively better (water clarity a little better). Tom and I had major boat motor issues on our way up and had to turn back. After multiple trips into Ticaboo we figured the carb on the motor needed to be rebuilt. Thankfully, they had the kits, rebuilt the one carb....not both....dummies....and it fixed the problem; however, the day was done by the time we got her all put back together.

Day 5: Dad and brother hit up Knowles and Warm Spring and picked up a couple more walleye, crappie and bass. Tom and I went into Forgotten and scooped up a few walleye, tons of SMB and a couple LMB. Went into Smith Fork and was kind of disappointed as this was a good canyon for us in previous years, only picked up a couple decent fish.

Day 6: Everyone decided to head south to Iceberg. Got down there and really nailed the Crappie and bluegill, unbelievable size to the blue gill. Stayed in there for a bit until the bite subsided and headed up to Slick Rock. On our way out we hit a stump and as you'd of guessed it, rattled the other carb, so we had to rebuild the second one on the water, but we knocked it out in a record time of 33 minutes hahaha. Once we got into Slick Rock Tom and I found a honey-hole with a variety pack of fish, Striper, LMB, SMB, Crappie, Catfish.....we really nailed the catfish the entire trip.....and believe it or not a TROUT!!! I was almost afraid to touch the thing when I got it in....Wayne, you think its a TIGER?

Day 7: Tom and I decided that we'd try our luck at GHB. We went to a spot that produced tons of walleye in years past, but were unsuccessful. So we motored over to Red and found another honey-hole pocket with a variety pack this time with some walleye. Dad and brother stayed down south again and did really well on walleye in their same hole in Lake Canyon.

Day 8: We all decided to hit Lake again, Dad and bro nailed the walleye while Tom and I killed the catfish for some reason hahaha. Tom and I motored over to Annies, waste of time with the exception of site fishing tons of big bluegill. Went back to our honey-hole in slick and picked up where we left off from the other day with a variety pack.

End: All fish were caught on tubes, stump jumpers (road runners) or fly's. Color didn't seem to matter. The fish are hungry, the weather was fabulous, and the trip was awesome even with our little motor hiccups.



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I agree it is a Tiger Tout. From what I understand that it is being widely used as a stock fish in UT for sport fishing. It is unique in that it is resistant to many diseases, such as Whirling disease. Curious what reservoirs, that feed Powell, where this fish is being stocked.
I have seen reports of rainbow and brown trout being caught, few and far between since the lake filled, just never a Tiger. Best part about the catch is I casted right under that tree limb that is sticking out of the water (behind me in the picture), my little tube hit the water and I saw it flash from under that limb. Two seconds later he was on, no fight at all. Little fella had quite the teeth for being so young. There are a few lakes up in Utah that have some monster Tiger's. Oh, surprisingly the little guy survived and is still in the lake for someone else to enjoy. Another thing I meant to mention in my post was the unfortunate sight of the mussel infestation!!!
I think every reservoir in UT gets stocked with tigers. :confused:

It could have come from anywhere. There are numerous lakes on the Boulder with tigers, so the Escalante drainage is a good possibility. The Fremont drainage (Dirty Devil) is another. The Green too.

Poor fish. It must have thought it was in Hell.
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