April 28, 2018 - Sam Sherwood and Sam Isaacson

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wayne gustaveson

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My young friend Sam Isaacson had never been to Lake Powell or had a lot of fishing success but today he got to change that.

We launched out of Wahweap about 10:30 and thought we’d go looking for bass beds with the water a little warmer than my solo trip this past Monday. We did find a few but never could see fish on or near them. We killed about 2 hrs looking and fishing unproductive areas with little to show for it so I finally worked our way up to the Dove Canyon area and then over into the Dungeon Canyon area later. From 12:30-5pm we caught 55 fish inc 2 nice LM, 4 stripers, and a bunch of pretty good smallmouth. The Ned Rig did a lot of the damage in 5-10’ of water for the most part. It was great to see young Sam get on a good bite and catch a bunch! The water was 63-66 degrees and of course very clear. A little wind helped ripple the water and give us some ‘cover’. I hope to be back again before the great bite slows down!

Sam Sherwood
Mesa, AZ


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