April 28, 2018 - Jeff Knorr

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wayne gustaveson

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We hit the lake Saturday the 21st - Monday 23rd. We camped in Rock Creek and while the bass fishing was fair we couldn't find any stripers. We worked all 3 Rock Creek bays, The mini cove between Rock Creek and the potty, West canyon and the Bouy 25 wall. We finally had some luck at buoy 3 about 1:00 Monday afternoon on the way in. The fishing (catching ) was fast and furious in Apx 40' of water using bait. We put 20 fish in the boat in an hour with the boat next to us at least equaling that total. Unfortunately the reality of the drive home called and we had to leave before the party was over. The fish ranged from 16-24" and 1 1/2-3 #. Most were healthy but a few had the "milky" meat when filleted. Stomachs were full of chum and stolen bait.

While we wish we would have found fish sooner the weather was amazing and it was a great first trip of the year. Can't wait to get back up there.

Thanks for all you do, Jeff


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