April 25, 2018 - Last Chance

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I went fishing in Last Chance with my nephew on April 25th. We targeted LMB, SMB, BC, and WE. I also fished Last Chance 2 days ago with a different partner. The crappie had been biting chartreuse grubs on either 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jig heads. So we started out with that and immediately caught BC, SMB, and a striper. We fished from 0930 to 5:30pm and ended with 9 crappie, 4 smallmouth, and 1 striper. We caught about 5 more SMB that we threw back. The crappie have been the dominate fish for us to catch in Last Chance this week followed by smallmouth. LMB have been missing in action both days. Three inch Chartreuse grubs on 1/8 pounce jig heads connected to 8 pound test clear flourocarbon fishing line has been the magic gadget for us on crappie.

My nephew does not have a boat so I let him take home all the fish to enjoy. Here is a picture of our catch.

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Sounds like a great day. Is your nephew's name, Chris Todd? If not.......he could be his twin!
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