April 14, 2018 - Last Chance and West Canyon

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I am a local and had some family visit me for the weekend. After the high winds on Thursday and Friday, I went out Saturday to take my nephew and his wife on the lake. They just wanted to go sight seeing and did not fish. However, I did stop to throw a line out myself for a few minutes. What happened I thought was worthy to report.

We went into the back of Last Chance. The water temp was 55*F. I suspected that the high winds stirred the water up causing the surface temp to drop a few degrees. I threw a line out just to see what would happen. I immediately caught 3 crappie and 2 smallmouth. I was using 1/8 ounce jig head with a 3 inch single tail grub (smoke color with silver flakes).

We left Last Chance and then went to West Canyon. We went into West Canyon about half way to the back end. The water surface temp was 64*F which was 9 degrees warmer than in Last Chance. There were a couple places we stopped in West Canyon to take in all the beauty. I threw a line out again and immediately caught 6 more smallmouth and a crappie.

Overall, I caught 8 smallmouth and 4 crappie and only fished about 1 hour the entire day. I had kept some of the fish and we ate them for dinner.

The fish were prepared by deep frying them in a beer batter. The beer batter was made with Bisquick, 2 eggs, and beer. These ingredients were mixed together to the consistency of latex paint. The fish fillets were dipped in the beer batter and put into an electric deep fryer with the Canola oil at 350*F. We also got some zucchini and cut it into 1/4 inch thick slices. Dipped the zucchini slices in the beer batter and had deep fried zuchinni to go with the fish. Ranch dressing and tarter sause was used for a dip. They said that this was the best fish they ever ate!

As they left to go home this morning, they wanted to come back next year just to go fishing.

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