Any theft in parking lots?

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We are thinking of leaving our ski boat in the parking lot at Bullfrog for a week. Has anyone heard about and thefts our problems in the parking lots? Would you leave your boat there or am I crazy?
Last Sept we ran into a couple that had their boat vandalized when it had been set out by Bullfrog dry storage for after hours pick up. Canvas was slit and oil sprayed all over the interior. You'd be safer to leave it with OffShore or Bullfrog dry storage for the week. I think Ticaboo boats is still in business and there's JNB welding that offers storage as well on the Bullfrog side
Ticaboo is now Offshore. I have had lots of issues this year with Offshore and their communications is the worst. Seems like their phone system is always down and not to be open 7 days a week starting April 1st is just wrong.
Expensive operation. Not sure how Ticaboo/Offshore runs the operation they do during the winter months. If they succeed in drawing traffic to the hotel for activities that aren't lake dependent it will be good for all of us on the north end.

Have you tried reaching OffShore via the web and/or email?
We left our Malibu at Offshore in their covered storage for a week two seasons ago. The only problem that we had was that we came in after hours, and they didn't pull the boat out for us. Which worked out ok, I just had to drive around and find it. But that also tells you how secure the lot is.

In regard to the parking lot, we often leave a boat in the parking lot overnight the night we get there. So far, we have not had a problem. Knock on wood.
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