Any suggestions for Walleye next week in north area of the lake?

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Headed out of BF Monday morning in a rental HB. Also have a 21' pleasure boat. Headed somewhere between Moqui and GHB, depending on fishing suggestions. Will the walleye be active and catchable using bottom bouncers? Sounds like we may get into some boils as well. We will have a fish finder...a portable one that attaches via suction cup. Hopefully that will suffice. If we get desperate, we will fish for bass on the rocky points. Been reading the reports for stripers and we will search backs of canyons for surface activity.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.
Bruce in Denver
Walleye are starting to hit again. My suggestion would be GHB. Start on the shoreline in GHB (not in the channel) opposite of the floating restroom. That was a great spot in the spring. Bottom bouncers target walleye. While slow trolling just glance at the horizon occasionally in case a striper boil pops up. It should be a good trip
Last week during the wind/rain event we decided that to get a fish dinner we would have to work the shore for smallies. We used small rapala divers and started casting to the rocky shore line.
Next thing you know, there are no smallmouth in the well but half a dozen very fat walleye and a couple of good size stripers. That was just South of the mud line below Hite.
We were going to try the bottom bouncers but the wind was strong enough we couldn't keep our trolling speed.
Hope the weather holds for you.

Thank you Bruce B!

Should be a great trip! Regardless, a week at the pond beats a week at home working!
We will be in a yellow Monterey somewhere near GHB starting Monday. If any wordlings see us, give a wave and stop for a visit.
Bruce in Denver
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