Another needless death


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It seems like a "Boating 101" should be required before a boat gets rented. I know we don't need more regulations, but this is crazy. I have been on the water, (started skiing at 5 years old,) for 60+ years and if required I would take a course. Sq
What a shame and I agree this did not have to happen. People just need to use some common sense especially when you are on a lake as big as Powell. Things happen fast and conditions change extremely fast.


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Sad for these people. Same thing we discussed in the last incident and over the years there has been other drownings when people stopped houseboats midlake for a swim and the boat drifted, people drowned, boat drifted from shore in wind, owner tried to swim to it and drowned..... simple rule for anyone who owns a boat or is renting a boat - If you are going to stop and dive in for any reason, put on a life vest. Doesn't matter if you think you're a strong swimmer, a cramp in a leg - all kinds of things can happen. Lakes are not swimming pools. A vest can save your life.