Annual Boat Pass ?

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Can you buy the Annual Boat Pass for Powell "on line"? I looked at the NPS & UDNR websites and didn't see an option to purchase. The only way to purchase one is at the NPS check station, when they are open, from what I have seen. Sq
If you buy one without an attendant there you can mail in the slip for a sticker.
Will they give you the "old farts" discount with the "America the Beautiful" seniors pass? Sq
I tried to get that for my dad a few years back and he had to send a copy of the pass as well as a copy of the boat registration.

And last year I couldn't get the kiosk to work for the boat pass when I was there in April. That is the only time I couldn't get it to work though.
I talked to the "pass department" a couple years ago to get them to mail me one. But my boat is titled in the family trust and that mucked up the whole deal. They said I could not mail order one because of the vesting. I just get one each year at the entrance window. The window asks to see registration but has never said anything to verify ownership in the trust. I also find that Antelope entrance gate is a good place to get the job done. Chuck
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My challenge with buying at the gate is out of 6 trips per year, I MIGHT have one trip where I get to the gate when it is manned. And that is never the first trip of the year.

I've said this before, but I will say it again here. The entrance gate, at least at Bullfrog, is not good at all at enforcing the boat fee. A buddy of mine goes one trip every year with us. They always hit the gate when it is manned. And they always have to buy a vehicle entrance pass. Last year was the first year they EVER were asked to buy the boat pass. Even though they pull the boat into the park. Makes no sense.
If it is manned, they ask me to pull back the cover. every time, to see the sticker. It just depends if the attendant has a clue. It has also been checked by the NPS on the water. I guess I'm just lucky. Sq
One year I signed the card differently from what’s on my license. The girl questioned me about it intensely. Thats the only unusual incident so far.
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