Aleson Arch Hike

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wayne gustaveson

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Hiker: Wayne Gustaveson - Aleson Arch - Water Level 3633

Easy Hike: 2 miles R/T

November 2009

Aleson Arch is on the land form between Iceberg and Rincon. I was not aware of this arch until I read about it in Lake Powell Magazine. Thanks Dave Tate and Tiff Maple. (I am starting to look up more now and not concentrate so intently on what fish are doing.)
The best access is from the only cove between Iceberg and Rincon on the same side of the lake.

Park the boat all the way in the back on the right side. Now the only hard part is to find the right way to scramble up the steep rocky ledge. Notice the green bush to the right of the boat. Just above and to the right of the bush there is a break in the rock ledge. That is the trail leading to the top and the easy hike on the top of the mesa.

Once above the rock ledge, cairns abound and mark the well used path through the sand to the arch.

Aleson Arch is a 100 foot long span. There is no access from below. Follow the trail around to the right to climb up to the base of the arch.
Make the hike in early morning for the best light to take pictures.
(Does this look like an elephant to anyone else?)

From behind, the arch looks small because it is not possible to get down into the bowl under the arch without a rope. A large sandstone monolith backs up the arch making it hard to pick out from the lake below.

Great hike and fun for all.
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