Airplane Buzz in Last Chance Bay!


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For those of you who missed it, this is 30 seconds of worthwhile entertainment!

There are few things that can get expletives to come out of my wife's mouth, but apparently a completely unexpected fly-by at 20 feet off the water is one of them LOL



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I am not sure why it would have scared her --- on the video, when you showed your phone, on the top let hand side of the phone it showed a airplane --- -- your phone knew a airplane was coming --- just like a fish finder. ;)

Michael Pyle

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For sure illegal to be so low (under 500ft AGL) close to another boat or person. And just kind fo rude, no reason to put others at risk for your hot dogging.

I fly around the lake and I would never go less than 1000ft AGL for safety in case something goes wrong. I have flown down to 500ft All once and it made me very nervous.

That Paramotor crash was crazy, I thought he was done for.


potter water

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The guy with the motorized chute got it right. God was looking out after him and, "I'm done for a while" would be an understatement. He sounds smart, but maybe not so much for getting anywhere near those rocks, let alone the box canyon. He should still be lying up there a set of dry bones hitting the way he did.


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Don't know about on Mohave but more than a few flying that low have tangled with the power lines near the dam here on Lake Havasu. The power lines always win.
I suppose so. I wonder how the pilots wouldn't have some good prior knowledge of where the low stuff is...crazy.