A Festivus... Xmas 2019

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A festivus for the rest of us.... In my attempt to avoid as much of the craziness that we call christmas i headed to LP on the busiest shopping day of the year. Arrived 2 AM saturday morning. Slept in the back of my truck. Launched at 8AM. Took my bass boat up the warm creek. Initially tried jigging spoons at about 40-70ft based on a few hits on my fish finder... no luck. Pushed further up the creek and trolled in 10-40ft of water. Pulled in 8 goods ones by 10 AM. Most action around 20ft deep. Various divers did the best. Water couldnt have been better. Not even the smallest wisp of wind. Going back this weekend.


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Thanks for the report. Warm Creek still works for fat stripers.

Striper fishing is not as fast as usual, but the fish caught are hard fighting, in great shape, and make for a successful fishing trip. I am quite sure that all canyons in the southern lake will provide some striper action in January. Warm Creek, Gunsight, and Navajo are the closest options when launching at Wahweap or Antelope Point. Even better success will be had in a further run up to Last Chance or Rock Creek.

Its cold, but you do not need to drill a hole to go fishing in Lake Powell. :)
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