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What is the species of fish that wayne is referring to when he talks about grebe flocks??

What types of spoon’s are used to jig fish with? Is the method to bounce them off the bottom or reel up and down fast?

Sorry hope these are not redundant.

Thank you
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Grebes (/ɡriːb/) are aquatic diving birds in the order Podicipediformes[1] Grebes are widely distributed birds of freshwater, with some species also occurring in marine habitats during migration and winter. The order contains a single family, the Podicipedidae, which includes 22 species in six extant genera.
He did a good write up about how he is jigging on one of his last posts. Look up his posts and you should find it pretty easy
Grebes are birds that eat shad - Just like stripers. They hold over a shad school and dive when they get hungry. Stripers are usually holding near the same shad schools. So it is often possible to catch stripers by using Grebes as a marker.

Slab spoons are my favorite. Here is their body shape (you will find many sizes and colors). Choose the one you like. s-l300.jpg

I drop the spoon to the bottom and bounce it up and down about 18 inches. If no bites - then I speed reel up five to ten turns - bounce again and drop it back to the bottom. Repeat until you catch a fish or the school moves away. This is the most effective technique right now in deep water. There are some shallow stripers in the north end of the lake near Hite that can be caught trolling. Ask more questions if you would like. Thanks for signing up!
Watched my Dad reel in a Blue Heron during a night tournament. He brought her screaming all the way to the boat so we could cut her loose. Quite a circus on the boat deck.
Be careful if you bring a Grebe into the boat. Get a hold on its head before you get it up close to your face. They will go for your eye and they are very fast. Once you have a hold on its head they are not very strong and you can easily control them. Twice I have seen them go for an eye while being handled and lucky they missed, but it was just too close. It happens fast and that neck is longer than you think.
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