A-10 Warthogs

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Did anyone get any good pictures or video of the A-10's flying over Powell on the 21st? I thought I had a nice video of the last two, but found out later that I never pressed the record button. :(
These were the only stills I captured, which do not do justice to the show they put on:

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Those of us in the San Juan had a flight of 3 F-35s overfly on Oct 18th. They are much noisier than F-16 or A-10s. There are a number of military low level training routes that cross the lake and, therefore, it's likely to see all sorts of aircraft practicing their low level tactics. Chuck
Very cool. Have seen them in the Rincon, hopefully they come back north friday or saturday.
I was in Zahn Bay in 2002 and 2 B-1B bombers flew over. We missed the first one with our camera, but a buddy of mine got a picture of the second one. Lucky for us there was some space between them.
Sometime around 2006, my friend Mike and I were playing cribbage on Abbey Island in Piute Bay on the Juan when 2 VERY low-flying black fighters buzzed our tower. Cards went flying as they passed directly above us with single afterburners on before heading towards the great Bend and then exiting the canyon. They were chasing each other, and I briefly saw the first before we heard it. A third jet was about 1-2000 feet higher "watching." It was very cool, but it all happened too fast for pics or ID other than them being black and having one afterburner. A few years ago, somebody posted a neat cockpit-view video of a jet over Powell. I bet the A-10s were amazing!
Was this on the Rincon? We have seen them there in the past and they cut from there toward the San Juan - where we used to see them frequently. Always fun.
I used to see the A-10s almost daily when I lived in NY, we were just a stones throw from Fort Drum, we could hear the gun fire on their practice runs
We saw B-35's (2 then 2 more then 1 more!) around the Oct 12th in the Rincon. We were snug against a wall and did not hear them until just before they crossed overhead. They were low and loud. We were setting anchors and did not get a picture. Looked on line and found the following view from the cockpit of a F-16 over Lake Powell.

We have seen the A-6's on the main channel going back to Wahweap on a few occasions. They are always great to watch. One time while going into Bullfrog in 1992 we had 2 B-52's fly over. You could see the pilots in the cockpit as they banked left as they were reasonably close to the water. They virtually stopped activity on the lake.
I'm sorry I missed it!
My dad was stationed at Myrtle Beach when it was an A-10 base, and our next door neighbor had to eject from his A-10 after a double engine failure due to birds. He was on crutches for 10 days. it is a pretty violent event even from a fairly slow plane.
I had my phone turned off, by the time it was booted up it was over. cool site for sure. a few years ago we were at the Rincon water skiing I was throwing out rope to skier and right there was a B1B bomber bearing right on us, super cool. the next day another came though Rincon wings sweep back , he hit the canyon wall towards Escalante and stood that thing straight up out of the canyon, love seeing these training runs.
I had my phone turned off, by the time it was booted up it was over.....
That truly surprises me..........that a Hog could get out of sight before your phone booted....... A caricature artist can usually draw an A-10 before it can escape from view.

In fact, a special crew bus was developed so as not to scare Hog Drivers:

Dramatization, may not have happened,
That's pretty funny. Reminds me of the early Citation business jets that were so relatively slow that there were jokes made about taking bird strikes from the rear.
Sue and I had 2 F15's flyover us at Gregory Butte on the 24th.
They were below the canyon walls and the first one banked hard around Gregory and the other took shortcut across the gooseneck. I think chasing.
Very cool....
An Osprey flew over Bullfrog yesterday. Came from the south and then an hour or two later went back.
One of my coolest memories when I was a mechanic for a stateline houseboat rental company was a lake run for a houseboat repair around mm 30. Our chaseboat had twin 150 merc 2 strokes at the time and I always thought it sounded like a swarm of bees chasing me as the engines were at full throttle. As I was hauling butt at almost 65 mph I heard something coming from the rear of the boat that didn't sound right. I thought something was going wrong with an engine when suddenly 2 f-16s flew over me with lit afterburners just off the deck. Scared the crap out of me but wow was it amazing.
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