7/27-7/30 Bullfrog area fishing report

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Lance Cue

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We spent most morning and evenings looking for boils and not much else. We camped in halls bay so started from there. Friday morning was breezy in the bay so we headed over to moqui. Found some slurps/boils in the bay past moqui. They were up and down pretty quick but we did boat a few. Spend a few hours running around gettin a cast or two into the burps till they dissapeared. Friday afternoon was a good storm with a bit of excitement so by the time it cleared out it was gettin late and i had a couple pops by then so we stayed in camp and bank fished. Cought a couple. Saturday morning there were some boils in halls bay but they were real sketchy and not very big. We fished them for a bit then ran back to moqui to catch some better ones. Saturday evening we fished all around halls waiting for boils. Finally found a nice run of dinks just before dark as we worked back toward camp. Sunday morning we worked halls for an hour with nothing so ran back to moqui. Shut her down passing halls marina for a few casts by the bouy field, then proceeded on to moqui. As i cruise up to the bend past moqui i see 4-5 boats in the distance in the middle of the channel and i think, what are they all doing sittin there, odd. As i pull up i see the largest boil i have ever seen. Seemed like a football field of splashes and flashes surrounded with boats. Eack boat had a half dozen poles working out all sides. It was amazing, so we jumped in on the fun. Boats were zig-zagging all over. As we passed one he said it had been going for 45 min before we got there. We fished it for another 15-20 min before they were completeley gone so we did some spooning and casting. That was the end of our fishing, headed back towards camp with a pitstop to jump and get wet then on to the dreaded packing of camp and off the lake.
All the fish we caught were real healthy. Even the big ones were great and the little fish were footballs. They all made great fillets. It was a family weekend so we had a lot of kids and noobs and i captained a lot, but did get to have a bit of fun, so i won't mention any numbers. All in all it was a great weekend with great weather, except for a couple hours, with great fishing. Boils could've been better but thats ok, all had fun and smiles. First time this much of my family has been to powell together in 20 years, so that was real cool. Sorry it took me so long to post, been busy since we got home.
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wayne gustaveson

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Its always fun to show those new to striper boils what its all about. My longest boil yesterday was less than a minute. Boiling for an hour is just crazy and yes the fillets were the best I have seen for a very long time - maybe ever.
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