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Not much to tell here that doesn’t echo Wayne’s report from the 20th. Camped in the back of Friendship and the Rico in albino color worked very well early mornings. I pushed off from the houseboat, put the trolling motor down and started catching fish. It was awesome and I can’t recall a better topwater water bite for bass. Picked up 2 nice largemouth as well. Switched over to green pumpkin Ned rigs, chartreuse and watermelon single tail jigs, and cinnamon hula grubs. Fish were caught all day long. We also went to the back of Rock Creek and half way into West Canyon. And, in case you stop by the floating restroom outside of Rock Creek, make a run around the island. Well worth it.

1 striper and 1 walleye we’re caught while bass fishing. 1 nice size walleye while trolling the back of Friendship. Few slurps here and there but didn’t try to fish them.

This was one of the better fishing trips I’ve had here. Thanks to Wayne and everyone who makes a report. Depending on the wind, I might try green lights behind the houseboat in Wahweap tonight and bass fish in Navajo tomorrow morning. Love this place and can never get enough!



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Fished under green lights last night. Had some come in but couldn’t get them to bite anything. They were eating very small minnows. 388665EE-FEB9-4DB4-B18C-17BEFA715A97.jpeg

Went back out this morning and it was by far the slowest day. Warm creek islands and slides in Navajo were a bust. Saw a few good size stripers busting the surface just before the islands in Navajo but couldn’t get a lure to them. Dejected, I figured it was time to head in remember the good days I just had as opposed to this one. Coming through the cut, I figured can’t hurt to fish the edge on the way out after reading Ed’s post about muddy shores and points. Turns out, I made the right call. From 9 to 10 I boated 9 really nice smallies on a watermelon single tail grub. Kept the boat in 15’ of water and casted toward the bank. There were a few times were 2 or 3 other good size fish were following the hooked one. 7BF8CF8A-2897-4C90-8D75-9C82A0B9BAE3.jpeg

Never give up!
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