5/20-21/18 report

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We got on the water 5AM fishing Last Chance Bay by 5:30am. Jim slayed them on his double tail hula grubs. I tried all my go to stuff, only got a few. Got some of Jim's grubs, all I did was hang up and break off. I had around 10 and Jim over 30. Went around to the entrance of West canyon where I usually do good. No takers. Around 10 am headed to the San Juan. Got to Cha Bay decided to stop and fish, Jim another 20 me another 10, but all dinkies. Ate lunch and up SJ to Neskahi Bay. We entered the bay, started fishing on the N. side caught a bunch of dinks Jim another 30 me 15. Went up the arm looking for a place to put the boat for the night. Went into Neskahi Canyon area. The bite was on for the both of us. The fish were in the shallows, We tried few different things but grubs bumping the bottom work best. Jim had as many as 6 fish in 6 casts. It was non stop until around 6:30 PM. Jim started throwing top water and the bite was on. We threw top waters until just before dark. Just guessing but we caught over 100 fish. Next on the water before 5am. Started top water but not as good as last night, but still caught a bunch. Got to the main bay started throwing Senkos wacky rigged. Action was great until the trolling batteries gave out around 1:30. We caught over a hundred fish again. Forgot to bring my orings so we went threw a bunch of stick baits. Been going to Powell for over 20 years and these bass are some of the healthiest I've seen. A lot of them were spitting up shad. Never saw any boils but sure I saw stripers on our graphs.


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