3-10 and 3-11 southern lake.

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    We headed out about 8 am Fri. , and met 1 of the local celebrities going through the cut ( Jarrett Edwards ) which was a treat in itself. Stopped in the back of warm creek, found the water temp to be 51 degrees. we spent about an hour in the back 30 ft. And didn't locate anything so we went to the back of last chance. found 53 degree water when we got to about 70 ft . at last fork to the right. Fished the shoreline with jigs and crank baits. On our way out of the back we passed a tritoon that was spooning up some fish in the last 30 ft., said they had got walleye too. Saw another boat in the same area picking up some fish trolling about a 300 yd. Stretch. Water temp was 56 degrees by this time around 1 or 2 pm. we continued to move into the back left fork, then into the next fork on the left side where we found 60 degree water about half way in about 3 pm. Finally in about 15 ft of water half way back to the boat he was there. :) a 16 in smallie. Missed 2 others and lost 1 more right at the boat. Yes I will be sharpening every hook in my box before my next trip. On Saturday we went to the back of Padre bay , in the back 50 ft we found 53 degree water. We fished all the way to the back on the right side throwing jigheads and crank baits, picked up 2 striper in really bad shape and lost 1 large mouth right at the boat ( yes I am going to sharpen them hooks :oops:). We kept the stipers to use for bait if we found a school. From there we headed to the cove on the west of Labyrinth bay, found 60 degree water and fish ( large mouth, stipers and carp ) in the last 6 ft of water. Again they didn't like my offering. This was about 3 pm. From there we went to Navajo canyon, to what I call striper point. It's the 2nd point past the two islands. Hoping to find a school of stripers, but nothing so we went down the channel to see if anyone was fishing the other striper haunts, and didn't see any boats until we got to the dam. we trolled along the west wall towards the dam. Saw a little skiff by the bouy line catch a couple so I hit my new spot lock on trolling motor and tossed a morsel of striper on a jighead to the wall and let it fall. Yep hooked up another skinny one. It was getting late by then and the bite seemed slow so we headed in. Hope the weather is half this nice in May for my next trip.