2019 Mussel-Aware Boater Program

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Thanks for the link. Just took the test. A couple of questions were a bit tricky, but you can retake those at the end of the test.
I just got to question #14 and lost my internet connection. I'll take it again tomorrow, I think the website crashed, I can't get back on. Thanks Preston. Sq
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Had one last year, made launching easier and less stress. Just got the new one tonight.
Thanks for reminding me!
Had some website issues last night but working ok today. We don’t do any boating in Utah or non-infested waters but still feel it’s important to stay educated on mitigation/prevention efforts.

Thanks for the link Dungee
Me too!!! Pretty easy - they say it will take 40 minutes - I did it in 20 w/ 1 missed question!! Will save some time this year - esp when the crowds get big!!:)
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