20# Plus Stiper

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by WaterMan, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. WaterMan

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    Striped Bass
    20 lbs. 14.72 oz. 35 in., Lake Pleasant
    David Campbell, 2/16/17
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  2. Squirrel

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    Very nice. That is what Wayne needs for his birthday. Sq
  3. Bill Sampson

    Bill Sampson Well-Known Member

    Good looking fish.
  4. Lake Bum

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    Did they photoshop another background behind him? It's a great looking fish, but I can say without a doubt that is not Lake Pleasant hahahahaha :cool:
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  5. John P Funk

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    I agree with Lake Bum, I've never found Lake Pleasant to be all that "pleasant", nor that green. Something fishy going on!!!
  6. Fishless

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    He took it by the game and fish office on carefree, they have a Muriel in the office picture was taken in front of that picture
  7. cfulton

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    I tested some mechanical work on my engine down there last week. Pleasant is nearly full. Lots do drift wood, debris and heavily stained water.....zillion grebes. I didn't fish but suspect it would be tough.