142'x22' Houseboat on the lake?

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Looks to be more like 100' long. A normal tractor/trailer is 53'......there's no way that boat is three of those in length. But it's still a monster size! I'm surprised they didn't build it double decker
The longest length posted on their web page is 105'. that might be the length. The rig in my avatar is 83' and I have pulled up next to a low boy and was just as long. That trailer has five axels and the lane widths on the street is 12' . I would hate to meet that in the cut.
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We saw it delivered to Antelope on Friday, Big boat for sure. I bet the top gets put on there.
That would be my guess as well. I don't think they can transport the boats with the top deck in place.

Big one for sure. Wonder if it will be a single owner or partnership?
The length limit applies to when you are required to use a licensed captain - and I believe on Lake Powell that's anything over 75 feet. Word on the street though is that many of those high-end Bravada-type owners pay to have the boat piloted and anchored by an Exec Svcs crew anyway - even when not required. Then the crew takes a runabout back to the marina, shows up again for any relocation, and again on the last day to pilot the thing back for professional cleaning/turn-over. And frankly, if I could afford that, I'd probably do the same.

But back in the real world, I really LOVE being the captain of my "short" 63' Sumerset. I even enjoy anchoring most of the time because it happens away from the stress of my normal life AND on LAKE POWELL!!! I don't even mind the poop dock. It just means we've had another great week on LAKE POWELL!!! Matter of fact, the only thing that stresses me on the lake are the crazy nighttime windstorms that come along occasionally.
Looks to be more like 100' long. A normal tractor/trailer is 53'......there's no way that boat is three of those in length. But it's still a monster size! I'm surprised they didn't build it double decker

According to the DOT facebook post, it is 142'...
I think there was at one time a 75-ft long by 22-ft wide restriction on houseboats on the lake, but it was recently lifted (maybe a couple years ago). I had heard that some boats on the south end were getting around it by being segmented with two separate hulls, but don't know if that's true.

I do know that after I purchased Serenity I looked at moving her to somewhere more convenient to work on, like Grand Junction, but ultimately decided against it due to costs. One of the guys I was talking to was Bobby Gehring, who would have been able to get it to Grand Junction fairly cheap since he would have been dead-heading back to Kentucky after delivering a 120-ft long boat down to Wahweap from Kentucky. He got hung up at the Arizona boarder with that boat for over a week waiting for permits to get across the state. At the time, he said that it would be the largest boat on the lake.

I ran into him again when we were getting ready to launch and he was delivering an 85-ft (I think) houseboat, the Hotel Charlie, from Kentucky to Bullfrog. They had about a week of work in putting on the upper two decks on the boat at Offshore. The Hotel Charlie is privately owned by the Haseldens (3 brothers that own Haselden Construction in Denver) and I had the chance to talk with one of them. To @BartsPlace point, all three had taken a captains licensing course and gotten their USCG licenses (I think 50-ton) in order to be able to operate the boat on Lake Powell.
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What a beautiful boat, the mussels should feel really lucky to get to attach to something so fine. I wish I could, as well.
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I have trailered many houseboats up to 75' in the wind and can only imagine trying to thread the needle on one of these beasts with a nice stiff wind from either side especially with other boats next to her trying to trailer out. Could get dicey quick. I wouldn't want to splash that big of a boat on a steep ramp (Wahweap) either unless two trucks controlled the ascent cause once those tires start skidding from braking it would be a wild ride and it has happened at Wahweap. I think it was with El Fuente ? the boat that looks like BigDog at antelope. It's a miracle no one got hit or run over.
Last time I was down in March, Hotel Charlie was still still in her slip at Bullfrog. Might be two boats with that name, but doesn't seem like it would be a common name.
We saw a lot of big boats that day, I may(and probably am), mixing two different boats.
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