Yellowstone Water


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Depends, but I think most of it will end up in the Snake river. I wished that it would all end up in the green river drainage. It also looks like a good portion will end up flowing into the gulf of mexico.

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The Yellowstone and other rivers on the north side of the park flow to the Missouri River system, so all the water on that side of the park eventually goes southeast to the Gulf of Mexico.

The rest of the park's drainages flow to the Snake River system and thence to the Columbia River.

None of the recent rains in Yellowstone will provide any additional water to Lake Powell.


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The Park actually drains into the The Missouri, the Yellowstone, the Snake, and the Wind/Bighorn River (which ultimately joins the Yellowstone in Eastern Montana, which joins the Missouri near the MT and ND border).

The Upper Green River Basin got a bunch or rain, but thankfully did not get the really heavy rain on top of the already high snowmelt. The Green went from 4,000 to 8,000 CFS in a couple days. The days before the rain were the first warm weather after a cold wet spring, and rivers and streams were cranking before it rained. Fontenelle Reservoir (above Flaming Gorge) has been coming up over a foot a day. So there is some water coming, but it is a pittance compared to what is needed. After 80 degrees over the weekend, it was 26 last night, so the snowmelt and streamflows are already dropping...


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I live by the Snake River confluence on the Columbia River. They're both running really high and fast right now. I know it has nothing to do with Powell, but they were mentioned.