Winter Crappie Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by wayne gustaveson, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Cool! Now if I can just get a few free days.....
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    thanks for the post/forward. we will be heading that way in a couple weeks. KY Kevin are you going down anytime soon?
    now wayne, crappie limits are daily 10 with a 2 day possession limit per person? thanks for the suggestions of going for eyes and stripers making it easy and not having to keep count but I definitely can count to 10 without using my toes, LOL we will be after the eyes this spring thanks for all of your work on LP and keeping us all informed on conditions.
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    We will be there tomorrow! Just bought a new Ranger so need to make sure it floats. Fishing for crappie/eyes/striper will just be a bonus!

    Just signed up for Wayne's Words, thanks what a great site, have learned tons already! I'm new to Powell, we just bought a houseboat share last summer. Lucked out with 2 May week trips this year and a early June week.
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  5. wayne gustaveson

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    Welcome. I have not tried crappie fishing this spring because there are not as many in the southern lake as in the northern and San Juan arms. There are some fish that are hot though and consume a great amount of my fishing time. I just posted a new report on "Fish Report" page that you should review before heading out tomorrow.
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