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This gentleman helped pull my boat off a mud bar in Wahweap Bay after I ran aground while driving 20 mph into the intense afternoon sun.

Does anyone know him and how I can get in touch?

If memory serves correctly, his name is Cliff and he's a WW regular.

Please send a private message if you know this gentleman and how I can get in touch!

It's good to know we take care of our own out on the lake. Thanks again sir.

BTW, as much as it seemed like I destroyed the outdrive and props, kudos to Volvo Penta on their design.

It has an emergency release on the outdrive that allowed it to take the impact and fold up behind the boat. The keel and the keg took it hard, but there's no physical damage other than deep scratches... so I truly lucked out or by the grace of God...?)




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Thanks for the good humanity story. We all need more of those. That is great about your outdrive. I had a similar experience however the impact broke the seal between the transom and the transom mount. I ended up taking on a lot of water.
It was also a huge lesson for me. There can be whales in this lake where you least expect them and despite having experience and maps, the dramatic elevation changes result in a “new” lake.

I’ve had the boat on Powell 55 times give or take and never thought I’d be the guy to run aground. That sand or mud bar was in a spot I’ve driven over 10 times... except this time it was at 3600 feet vs 3610.

That extra 10 feet makes all the difference.