Where are we?

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by mtnpull, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Look what we found today. Any guesses where we are at?

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    Hope it is Lake Powell somewhere close to Bullfrog. I will be there Thursday and ready to catch some fish.
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    Hard to tell, but I am hoping it somewhere down south.

    How do you like your Ulterra?

    I love mine, saves my back and the anchor feature is great!
  5. mtnpull

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    This is actually close to Dome rock towards the back of Bullfrog bay. So we arrived Monday afternoon and got out for a few hours. We started by trolling along the main channel wall just north of moki and hooked up with one or two and then moved on to check out Hansen. After hearing Waynes report of shad hiding out back there I was hoping to find some stripers. We found lots of shad, but no stripers. I've never had much luck back in Hansen, so I am always hesitant to fish back there, this time was no different. We did manage to pull another striper and couple smallies out of a cove along the channel between Hansen and bullfrog. Otherwise it was pretty slow fishing. On Tuesday we again stuck close to Bullfrog and revisited some of the areas. Tuesday was painfully slow and we couldn't get a hit even trolling where we normally can pick some up here and there. We did find a couple decent smallies in cove and then we headed to Halls Creek Bay. We trolled around a the gravel island a bit and finally had a double hook up with a couple stripers. After getting them to the boat we spooned the school for quite a while and pulled a few out. Once they moved on we repeated the process until we could get into them again. After they moved on we moved back to bullfrog bay and dome rock area and trolled till we saw fish on the graph and then boom. It was on. We pulled about 30+ out of this school. Then today again, sloooooow until around 4 pm and then we located a school again for a few hours before heading off the water. One major note, there were many times we had a ton of fish under us and couldn't get them to hit a spoon! We jigged them, speed reeled, even cast and reeled, and really tough to get a hit. I am guessing they have been feasting heavily on shad and ignoring our spoons. We did see tons of shad balls in the area(s) but overall tough to get hits. Spoons that worked the best were kastmasters. Hope this info helps a few.

    We are headed to Good Hope tomorrow....hopefully a little less slow than what we've seen the last few days!
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    I've really loved the Ulterra. It's really nice as I am constantly fishing with my kids and it's one less thing to worry about and I can do it while doing other things. Been worth it so far!