Where are the walleyes??

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Dennis Jarvis

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We are headed for Lake Powell Sunday AM will launch and camp at Bullfrog. Within a 10 mile radius of Bullfrog where is the best place to catch walleyes? I don't go all the way to Good Hope Bay. We will to try to snap jig walleyes like I saw the guide do @ starvation Dennis from Junction
As you are coming around the corner from bullfrog in the main channel towards halls creek bay there is an island on your right. Between the green buoy and the island is a point that comes up to about 10 ft. There is a ton of brush on the halls creek side of the underwater point. Walleye and bluegill were all over it in 18-23 ft. If you have down scanning on your fishfinder you should be able to find it.
Any size to the Bluegill svivian? My favorite eating fish😋
Yes we found several that are about the size of the palm of your hand and took a few to fry whole. We also found huge crappie in Annies but only took one for dinner.

Edit: forgot to mention that there are small bluegill EVERYWHERE! and I mean everywhere we went they were all over the place. The next few years is going to be off the charts if we can keep some structure under water. Found a 5lb largemouth that's going to be a pig if food stays the same in the area.
Thanks svivian
My mom wouldn't have Bluegill any other way then fried whole. Allways had to scale a few fir her, Crappie to😋. I fillet everything, I like to boil Bluegill and dip them in butter or cocktail sauce like shrimp😊.
I was down over the weekend , seen @svivian diving on Sunday diving around the area where the wreck in the main channel happened , I waved . On Monday afternoon fished for Stripers in the bay where Svivian is talking about , It was tough Kykevin to catch . You had to be right above them catch anything .
Thanks Dallas
How was Striper fishing? Its about time. That 69 water sounds good👍
Its tough I only caught by the Hobie Cat and the Dome . Between me and my fishing buddy Jeba we caught at least 100 fish in the 4 days we where down . But for 3 days straight we didnt catch a fish before 3:00 in the afternoon . WE had to find the schools by trolling real slow over the fish then spoon when we seen the school. We where both watching 2 different fish finders . Was down with Rush and he fished on his 26ft Tellycraft and he struggled . Fished with Mark @LakepowellRox and he spooned with us . Never caught a striper or Walleye trolling fo 3 days straight .
Sorry for hijacking the thread @Dennis Jarvis but I would fish the spots fore sure that Svivian just marked .
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