What do we need?


Getting on the lake today, we have a bunch of littles that want to fish. We have poles and licenses. Any suggestions for bait? They will mainly be fishing around the houseboat, which we are thinking we will anchor in Warm Creek Bay or Gunsight Bay.


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Pretty quickly, Bluegill/Sunfish will gather around the side of the houseboat. For the small kids, a small jig head or small grub tipped with a worm under a bobber should do the trick. If they are more adventurous they can use a Nedrig or crappie curly tail jigs along the shoreline in the rocks should produce smallmouth. Pink/White usually work well for us under the bobber. As Dworwood suggested. Hotdogs nightcrawlers on the bottom should produce a catfish or two.
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If you really want to tie into some carp take a handful of corn and toss it out behind the houseboat, wait about 20 minutes and then cast a hook with a few pieces of corn where you chummed. A small carp will give you way more fight than you would believe. I think carp are a bunch of fun.


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We just returned from Powell and as wakesurfers and not fisherman, we followed the advice to a t from this amazing online community and it was spot on. We caught so many fish it was ridiculous. Now, probably not the type of fish that 99% of this community would get excited about but we were catching fish and lots of them. Catfish, Small Mouth Bass, Bluegill were going to town on hot dogs. Might of been a few Brats thrown in there also but wow do they work. We did find that if you left the hot dogs in the sun they would stay on the hook longer. Good times and can't thank everyone again for the advice.