West Canyon and Rock Creek, Sept 11, 2020


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Not much to report. Fishing was slow for us. This is how it went.

Launched at Stateline Ramp at 530am and went to the mouth of West Canyon. Water surface temp was 73-74*F. Two old guys in a boat caught about 7 smallmouth and 1 channel catfish from 7:30-10:00am while jigging along the shoreline. We observed some intermittent surface feeding, but we could not catch anything when we tried chasing them. Went to Rock Creek and fished there from 10:30am to 1:30pm. Caught 3 more smallmouth jigging into boulder piles. Overall in 6 hours of fishing, we caught about 10 SMB and 1 CCF, kept 2 SMB and 1 CCF which weighed about 3 pounds.
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Alan Wade

I hit the water on the 10th launched from Stateline, I was late getting there so I headed to the back of Navajo spent 2 hrs and never seen a fish surface, trolled and caught several 10 to 12 inch stripers but couldn't find a big one, I tried several places on the way out same thing. Headed for the dam got there about noon started using anchovies and again all that I caught was little ones couldn't get deep enough fast enough for the big ones. Overall a fun trip but want some big ones. Headed back the last week of this month.