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  1. WW Admin

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the new Wayne's Words community forum. We're still getting settled in here - so some things may not work / look / respond exactly as expected. We're working on all of that. If you think there's a glaring problem somewhere, please feel free to post about it in the Help Desk. We'll do our best to answer technical support questions and issues there.

    The rest of the forum categories are self-explanatory. Wayne (on his way to the lake for a week) asked that we simplify a bit with just five main categories of interest: the welcome mat, fishing, recreation, lake issues, and yard sale. So that's where we are.

    Please take a look around, use what's here, and let us know what you find.

    Take care!

    -WW Admin

    PS. This new forum software has tons of features. Some of them are really quite fantastic - like dragging photos right into the post editor - others may be more confusing than helpful. We're trying to find the right balance. You may see some things appear or disappear as we play with these options. :)
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  2. Waterbaby

    Waterbaby Administrator Staff Member

    So far so good. Glad to see us up and running again.
  3. broski

    broski Administrator Staff Member

    Here we go!!!!!
  4. Nice job forum looks good!
  5. BPappas

    BPappas Member

    Glad it's up and running again. Looks great.
  6. Endurance

    Endurance Well-Known Member

    There's a sense of a new frontier here. Kind of like watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show or the Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star video to kick off the first broadcast of MTV.
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  7. Endurance

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    And the new photo posting feature is great!
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  8. Chet Garling

    Chet Garling Well-Known Member

    Yay! Thanks to all who got it back up and running.
  9. Powelldreamer

    Powelldreamer Well-Known Member

    Very nice THANK YOU for all the behind the scenes work!!
  10. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    So glad its back! Thank you! The new banner picture is excellent as well, our stomping grounds.
  11. wayne gustaveson

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    I am back and was thrilled to see the board up and operating again. I missed the daily communication with the Wordlings. It makes my day to be able to help, offer advice an get your reports for the benefit of all.

    Many responded to help us out. Thank you all. Bart was the one that finally got the go ahead to start the new Forum and looks like he picked a good one. I will know more after I use it for a month and get familiar with how it works.

    So its my first day here and its feels good.
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  12. Ken Lee

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    You can't get rid of me that easily!
  13. Lake Bum

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    Well alrighty then... :cool:
  14. JBinNM

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    Big improvement over the old forum. Posted pix look great and the Like button is very cool.
  15. James Todd

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    Looks good to me. Glad it is back up and running.
  16. TR.

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  17. PapaWhit

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    Now I have something to do while sitting at my desk again!
  18. capt.catfish

    capt.catfish Well-Known Member

    Glad to see the forum back up and running. I don't suppose any of the old posts are going to be coming back? There was a lot of good information on the old board.
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  19. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    There is a huge archive of great stuff on the old board. My plan is to try to make all that information available on another server so we can read it but not respond to it. Hopefully this winter we will fix it and then make it available here with just a click to go the archived BB.

    It has been hard for me to keep up with all the changes as this is my time to be on the lake sampling. I complete that in mid November and then can devote more time to making changes to the site. In reality that should read finding others to make appropriate changes in the site as I am really not very good at it.