Waynesword Flags- How to Fly from Spedboat


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I really like the one SeaLegs referred to because it is easy to remove. If I had a GoPro rod that would be great too. I do know it would last longer if it doesn’t stay on the boat all the time.


i tried these for a couple years but in the run a boat eventually they would snap at the base due to the speed. thus loosing my flag and the pole. i'd also leave them on during tow. they made it to powell one year but lost my colorado flag last year with these. I tow from Denver.

flag pole nope.jpg

i looked again this year forever. i like mounting them to my bimini top so they are up and out of the way. i bought 2 of these this year thinking no way these would hold up either but i've been out on the water 45 days this year with them 9 days on powell and towed back and forth to denver with no problems (flags are stowed while towing of course.) i just put 2 small carabiners on each key chain loop for easy on and off of the flags.

flag pole.jpg

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here is a picture underway from last week. both flags (one on each side) still holding up for what i thought was going to be a cheap pole mount that wouldn't make it through the trip or tow.