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Wayne's trip to Canada

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wayne gustaveson

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We had a great time and I recuperated well. We saw lots of tall green mountains and beautiful flat water. Canada was on fire along with most of the western world so we dealt with smoke at some locationsIMG_3113.jpg

There were many beautiful waterfalls at many of the coves where we camped for the night. This is Chatterbox Falls.

We were in the ocean so we saw the regular critters from starfish to Jellyfish.



We found seals playing around everywhere we camped.


There was a large variety of shellfish in the water and on shore at low tide.


Our hearts raced a few times when the Orcas and Porpoises came up close to the boat.


We did not invite the grizzly bear into camp while he was walking the shore looking for salmon which were in low abundance due to lake of rain.


One of the most exciting times for me was to be tied up at the dock while a school of anchovies swam in the water below the boat. The are filter feeders so they swim with their gills wide open to trap plankton.


I am not sure why but a neighbor docked nearby asked me to help him land a shark caught on a spoon directly below the anchovy school. I was glad to help and really only used my left hand. It was a great trip. IMG_3313.jpg
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