Warm Creek Stripers ?

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We fished a reef in Warm Creek our last few trips with great success. We chased boils for several hours and landed triples frequently. That reef is now becoming an island based on aerial photos I've seen. Headed up Thursday through Sunday this week.
Thanks heading up tomorrow usually fish Rock Creek area but with no Dangling Rope changes things !
Not launching today, winds are nuts.
Tuesday we fished 3 spots on Wahweap. No luck
Moved over to the dam, no luck.
Up to Navajo Canyon, no luck.
Weds, straight up to warm Creek.
We tried all day, nothing.
30 mph headwinds on the way back.
Pulled up to the ramp this morning. Winds are blowing. My deck hand went to the gift shop and I got an *** inspection.
Good to see the Sheriff cruising the ramp all 3 days.
Launched Friday, stayed on a beach between Labyrinth and Padre in the main channel. Record threadfin and some really good smallies through the weekend. No stripers.


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