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I think water dogs are native?
tiger salamanders are a native species in Utah and Arizona. "Waterdogs" are the larval form of a salamander.

The regulations are somewhat interesting for Utah, in that you can collect and posses them -- but you cannot posses them while fishing in Utah. Arizona also has some regulatory restrictions on salamanders, but only in certain areas. Don't quote me on this, but I think it is legal to fish with salamanders on the Arizona side of Lake Powell. Just don't cross into Utah with them and fishing gear together!


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I remember back in the days of the Rainbow Bridge Marina, they sold water dogs there. They also had a cut out in the dock where they would throw the dead ones. The stripers would go nuts for them.

Stuart Hepworth

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I have used water dogs for brook trout, largemouth, smallmouth, and tiger musky. They worked great for catching big fish of all those species. Too bad they aren't allowed anymore.


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"Water Dogs" are the immature form of salamander species, so they are native to any area that has salamanders. There's a small(30' across) catchpond in the mountains near me that has dozens of them swimming during the summer. I've thought about trying to fly fish for them, but never have.
I watched a king Fisher bird pull 3 of them out of a water tank near flagstaff while on my archery hunt last month. Took me a while to decide whether they were water dogs or tadpoles, but my bino's helped.