Walleye Contest Prizes

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wayne gustaveson

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The walleye contest continues and will be very exciting in Spring 2017 when walleye get active again. Another prize was awarded for a current walleye fish report sent in by Kalin Stark


We tagged more walleye both at Good Hope Bay and in the San Juan during our latest November gill net sampling at both of these locations.

Our goal is to put more fishing pressure on these highly sought after sport fish that are underutilized in Lake Powell. Their population has increased dramatically since 2000 when gizzard shad were found in Lake Powell. Gizzard shad came down the San Juan River from Morgan Lake and totally occupied Lake Powell in 4 years. There are plenty of walleye in the northern lake with reports of anglers catching over 100 per day in Good Hope Bay last spring. In 2017 there will be plenty of walleye with a tag that will be worth a prize when you catch that fish.

We will also get some scientific evidence of fish migration if a walleye tagged in Bullfrog Bay is caught next spring at the Rincon or Good Hope Bay.

Here are the rules: http://wayneswords.com/index.php?op...lake-powell-tagged-walleye-contest&Itemid=102

Gear up on your walleye expertise this winter and be ready to take a whole bunch of walleye fillets home after your spring trip to Lake Powell.
I was thinking about honing my skills at some local waters that have walleye in hopes of slaying a cooler full up there next spring. I can't wait for the orange blossoms to fill the trees here in Phoenix.
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