Wahweap trip over memorial day

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Hey all,

We are heading to Wahweap for a Memorial Day weekend trip as I just got back from deployment. I have never fished Lake Powell and was wondering where to fish. My son is super excited about going and I would love to be able to get him on some good fishing (Striper and smallmouth). We are renting a powerboat for the day. Any suggestions would really help! Thanks in advance!
Striper: dam near chains, west side is preferred but they can be anywhere on both walls. West side of Antelope canyon entrance wall. Power plant intake east of Antelope Marina, look for chain link fence on top of wall. Navajo canyon at the islands and back of canyon.
The northeast wall going into warm creek from the channel. these all will need some anchovies help, but cut up small stripers for bait once you have caught a few.
Smallies: any point, rockfall, fishy looking place on the lake, they are on fire. I am sure I missed some but others will post for you, there is great fishing all around wahweep area.
I'll be there with some family over memorial day as well - fishing.

I was there 1 week ago and found some good spots for striper and smallmouth. The dam wasn't producing for me, I had to look elsewhere. What day are you renting your boat?

I also caught a bunch of nice smallmouth right off the fishing dock at wahweap. Some were catching striper. It's a good night time spot. Day time can get a little crowded...
We are renting it on Saturday.

Nice I'd say the earlier you can get out the better. I've heard a lot of people doing well up in friendship cove and rock creek, just a bit of a ride from wahweap, but easily doable. Striper, smallmouth, walleye, bluegill, and crappie lately. Jigs tipped with worms can work wonders

Keep those anchovies frozen or they will start falling off too easily. I'll be in a black 16 ft lund fishing from wahweap to antelope. We may head up lake Saturday but still undecided. I'm always open to fishing with others
I had planned on going up to Navajo canyon and working our way back. I dont mind fishing with others either. I think the earliest we can pick up the boat is 0800.
Middle Rock Creek was awesome for us. From wahweap you have some big open areas to go through, watch the wind and don't forget striper is great bait, maybe as good as chovies and will not mush off the hook. Most fish were caught with a cheap walmart deep dive in translucent blue and green kind of a smaller size than I usually fish with but my boat partner slayed them and I did pretty good with the old standby, chartruese double tail grubs and grape grubs. Good Luck
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