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Veteran’s covid 19 vaccination!


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If you are a Utah veteran on the mission act or have not been contacted by the VA for your covid 19 vaccination. The VA has dropped the age requirements for the vaccine. It is now first come first serve through appointments. They are scheduling appointments two days out. I was supposed to have been contacted last month, thank you VA.

Please call 801-582-1565 x5657



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They were supposed to call and notify the veterans when it was their turn for the shot and they did not bother to notify several of us up north.
I was eligible to be vaccinated three weeks ago, but was not contacted. It has been my experience that if the VA drops the ball with me. It is not an isolated experience. I want to focus on planning my next trip to Powell and not a shot.

Dave I.

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My wife was waiting to be contacted by the local clinic when she was supposed to come in for her shot. They never called.

I called the clinic on a Thursday abut getting a shot, I was scheduled the next day at 1:00. Wife was P&#sed! Called the clinic up and set up a joint appointment.

Wife and I both went down this past Friday and got the shot. We go the J&J, so 1 and we are done.

Moral of the story, don't count on the G'mnt to call you unless they want you for something. You want the shot, you'll have to schedule elsewhere if you want it sooner than later. Ours will be in full effect when the tourist flood gates open this year. ;)

Why not schedule anywhere you can get it instead of the VA?? They are free no matter where you go.

Good luck guys. BTW, shoulder never even got sore from the shot. Zero side effects to date.


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I got both of mine from the VA, was contacted both times and must say my experiences with the VA has been very rewarding, I have had a stint and other procedures that has gone very well.