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  1. wayne gustaveson

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    I will be on vacation the next two weeks. I will try to log in often but its unknown what the internet service is like on Maui. Expect me to catch up before the end of January. Thanks to BartsPlace and Waterbaby for keeping things running while I am gone. The vacation sounds fun but I will miss Lake Powell!
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  2. BartsPlace

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  3. WaterMan

    WaterMan Well-Known Member

    Enjoy your vacation. Lake Powell will still be here and hopefully a lot more snow when you return.
  4. Bill Sampson

    Bill Sampson Well-Known Member

    Maui is not a bad alternative. Enjoy.
  5. Meatwagon

    Meatwagon Well-Known Member

    They have fish there too, not to mention the scenery. Enjoy and remember sharing is caring (pictures ) for us home bound working stiffs would be awesome.
  6. Gem Morris

    Gem Morris Well-Known Member

    Caught off Maui in a kayak about a mile off shore - I liked this a lot better than traditional deep sea fishing in a chartered boat

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  7. Squirrel

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    Have a GREAT TIME. Squirrel & Goldie
  8. Waterbaby

    Waterbaby Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds good to me... warm weather!!!
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  9. Powelldreamer

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    Enjoy Maui!! Although can it really be called a vacation? You live and work in one of my yearly vacation spots so to me it seems you live my vacations!!!
  10. shanewave

    shanewave Active Member

    Different kind of whales in January Maui than anytime Lake Powell...