Utah proposes to reduce Grand Staircase by half, rescind Bears Ears

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    Utah proposes to reduce Grand Staircase by half, rescind Bears Ears
    Posted: Wednesday, Feb 15th, 2017
    BY: Steven Law


    Last week Utah, legislators approved resolutions, which, if approved, would reduce the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by half its current size and rescind the newly created Bears Ears National Monument.

    The resolution to shrink the Grand Staircase, known as HCR 12, was presented by Rep. Michael Noel and Sen. Ralph Okerlund.

    In a separate resolution also presented last week, the Republican-dominated Legislature passed a resolution urging President Donald Trump to rescind the newly created Bears Ears National Monument. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert quickly signed the resolution.

    For the complete article see the 02-15-2017 issue.
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  2. Squirrel

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    That will make a lot of people happy if it happens. Sq
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    The Grand Staircase was created to lock up the cleanest coal in the world so the second cleanest coal in the world could be shipped to Mexico from Indonesia by the Riady Group rather than them purchasing the clean coal from Utah [NAFTA required Mexico to purchase only clean coal for their energy].... since the President unlocked coal today, it would not shock me if he unlocked part of the Grand Staircase to free up some of this clean coal for his re-negotiations re NAFTA...... if he does that then I would expect he would re-visit Bears Ears. I am glad to see the Utah delegation addressing this quickly while we are in the window that allows him to undo things that were done during the last two months of the prior administration, it is a short window of time - by law - where it can be done w/o congress.
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    Looks like the Outdoor Industry Association is pulling their trade show from Salt Lake City in protest of the actions to rescind Bears Ears. I consider myself more or less a member of their stated "outdoor community" and don't agree with their assertion that they "are in lockstep with the outdoor community." Then again, I buy most of my stuff from Amazon or eBay now anyway.
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  5. Waterbaby

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    Look at the names of the companies involved. That alone speaks volumes:

    Patagonia, The North Face, REI and the Outdoor Industry Association

    Sadly these days you have to look who funds these people to pull off these protests. Many are the same people who would love, love, love to drain Lake Powell. Someone else will pick up the slack.
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    That will be GREAT if they can get the entire thing rescinded, for many reasons.

    On a side note, you mentioning clean coal, reminds me of the coal I used to haul out of P & M coal mine near Window Rock, AZ. That mine is now shut down, due to finally running out of the pure coal, and having to screen too much dirt out of it, but the coal that we hauled on our train, that is not a typo....a single TRAIN, paid the wages for the entire Southwest Division of BNSF Railroad. We weren't even hauling it very far either. Only to CGS (Coronado Generating Station) near St. Johns, AZ. They always bragged that was the cleanest coal in the world, due to extremely low sulfur content.
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    So, ya'll ain't worried some coal mining in the GSENM won't affect Lake Powell's water and air quality?

    Utah's federal lands, monuments, and parks, have value other than the minerals buried underneath. Value that increases the longer those lands are preserved.

    I just don't trust the current government of my state to really take a long term view. They are all butt-hurt that a Democrat put another monument in place. The legislators want campaign donations from coal and oil, and short term budget gains, which they will waste on tax cuts for the rich instead of funding education and roads, which equals more campaign contributions from the wealthy.

    I would love to see a poll of ALL Utahns, to get their opinions about increasing oil, gas, and coal extraction in the state.
  8. Waterbaby

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    They mined coal - wonderful low sulphur coal - in the Escalante Wilderness before Clinton turned it into a monument and it never hurt Lake Powell even a little bit. This area has been mined forever and ever... rich and full of minerals.

    And if you want to see how poorly the government takes care of land they take from the public and use for government purposes look how poorly they have maintained the Escalante Staircase since they created it... look at how they look the other way at how things are maintained at Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon two jewels of their system....
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  10. James Todd

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    Sure hope it works.
  11. capt.catfish

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  12. Waterbaby

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    And they should. If anyone looked at the Antiquities Act it was written to protect "Antiquities" not lock up millions of acres of land - which was done with both the Staircase and Bears Ears as well as many others in recent years - like in Wyoming, Alaska, etc. So much land has been locked up in Western States it is outrageous, time for a better balance... protect the antiquities [the etchings in the Four Corners].. but leave the recreation land alone.. Maybe if they reduce Escalante Staircase someone will get back to caring for Hole in the Rock road......
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  13. Cookie

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    Working in this industry, only Patagonia is truly making a stand and leaving the show. The Show organizers are currently looking for another venue, which will be very tough. The North Face will follow where ever the show goes to support the retailers. Without large brands, the show doesn't exist very long.

    Patagonia is also saying it might put millions into a campaign to stop this resolution.
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  14. Dale

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    The illegal actions of Clinton and Obama are about to become bad history as we slowly take our country back from the ecowacko kookos who want to force us to live in tenements in the cities like they claim to like! I think they are just jealous!
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    Rescind it all!
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