Utah DWR announces 2 new rules for Utah boaters

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Unfortunately, I don't believe that these new rules will not stop the spread of mussels from Lake Powell, even if followed 100% of the time (which they won't be as we've learned from the pre-mussel rules of the lake).

Until boat owners can certify and the DWR/NPS/others can verify that they kill all of the mussels left in boat bladders and bilges leaving the lake, this is just 'lipstick on a pig'.

It is truly horrible what the mussels are doing to the rocks/beaches/boats on the lake. For those of you who have not been to the lake at lower water levels such as they are now, you would be shocked at the number of mussels on the rocks/beaches.
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Gotta do what we gotta do to protect other waters. In spite of it all, it still has a very voluntary element to it. Mature and serious and responsible people will follow the rules. Water ballasted boats are the Typhoid Marys of our waters and they still abound, and they will sooner than later, even with all the decon etc. pollute the rest of the waters. A total ban from unpolluted waters of boats with compartments that cannot be visually examined is the only real answer. Yes, hoses etc. aren't visually examinable nor are the bowels of engines, but those areas are not overly porous and can have water flowing to clean the smooth walls. The insides of ballast tanks have many nooks and crannies for the boogers to hid.
My drain plug is attached to a metal leader attached to the engine bracket, once out of the lake I pull the plug and out it stays until ready for launch.

I haven't lost a plug yet and I towed the boat 4-5000 miles last year, the plug just dangles.

I do carry a couple of spare plugs in the boat in case.......

I do this to show I'm doing the best I can in the prevention of invasive species if I get stopped at a road block.
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