USBR 24 Month Study, February 13 -- 3643 ft. In July

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Recreation' started by Trix, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Trix

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    Just checked most recent Study. Current forecast is a 50 foot rise this year. Sure hope the spring storms roll into the watershed and the dreaded warm winds don't show up early.
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  2. GregC

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    Trix, Sounds great! Do you have a link to the report?

  3. Trix

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  4. Waterbaby

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    They link it at the Water Data site which is linked here...... but I am sure Bart could add it here...

    Here is the specific link for Lake Powell projections - which is the one I follow closely:
  5. TheMarinator

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    I will have to check my notes at home , but I am fairly positive that I launched my boat at Hite in 2011 on the concrete ramp with a little less water than 3643 .... The truck was on the concrete ramp but the trailer was in a little dirt but still a safe launch...... That is great news ! !!
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