Upper San Juan 8/15-8/20


Camped outside Neskahi Wash for 7 days where the lake narrows into the river gorge heading to the Great Bend. Intense heat, no wind and a ton of stripers and shad. Widespread boils at dawn and dusk, more at dusk. Our landmark was a small dome-shaped rocky islet on the west shore. If boils didn’t reveal their location, graphing in a zigzag pattern south and/or east quickly found them in a few minutes. Boils were literally the tip of the iceberg, with the bulk filling our finder screen from left to right and the entire vertical water column. Resting schools were at 40 to 60 feet. You could catch as many as you wanted with anything silver or chrome. Because we were camping, cooler space and ice were limited, but for 6 days we dipped into that well. Many times as we dropped spoons to depth they were stopped by fish on the way down at 10 to 20 feet. We saw a coyote indulging on shad crashed onto the beach one morning. My son couldn’t open his cell phone because his thumb went “striper” and the phone wouldn’t recognize it. Amazing!
Shad were in balls and, for a better word, blankets. Once our finder displayed a depth of 2 feet in water we knew to be around 100 because the signal couldn’t penetrate the shad layer. They confused the finder to the extent that the finder barfed a view I’ve never seen. Of course we saw them in the air and on the beach because where else could they go when attacked?
We visited friends on a houseboat in Cha Canyon, with filets to give away, and saw scattered boils all the way and at midday. Easy to catch a few, but were more skittish than at Neskahi. On the way back there wasn’t a ripple of wind and the entire route was mill-pond calm and the mirrored scenery was spectacular. The boat was doing 35 and felt like it wasn’t moving at all, like we were viewing some sort or surreal 3D video.

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Awesome, our finder did the same a few times where I knew we were in over 100 feet of water and the graph was so confused by how many Shad were underneath it would read like 1 foot. Congrats on a great trip.
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been there,done that. congratulations. been a while since its been that good tho. get tired fishing clear both wakes on the slalom a few dozen times then go back to fishing/ fileting can't leave em out of the ice for very long. nice pics. too hot to sleep maybe better around the 30th. too much fun to be allowed by law as they say. thanx!