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Update - Executive Service Ramp - Houseboat Launching


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There was a post on another thread (Bullfrog Moving) that stated launching/retrieval of houseboats at Bullfrog Executive Services (north ramp) had been stopped. I spoke to Bullfrog Dry storage this morning (Sunday) as we are suppose to launch on Tuesday - There is no problem with launching / retrieving at this point in time.

Dry storage stated that they were concerned with launching large boats if the trailer tires dropped off the edge of the ramp -- which occurred a few times in the last few weeks -- but they had no problems pulling the launch truck out when empty --

The person I spoke, who even went to school at Bullfrog, says he remembers even in the 70's they were still able to move houseboats around but they were not as large as the newer ones today. He also has launched his 19' boat 2-3 times recently from the east side of the main bullfrog ramp though he said you have to position the trailer to the east

I see real issues this fall for retrievals--

I "freaked" when I saw the other posting about no launching of HB's and wanted to get a new thread started with the updated info.


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We launched our houseboat and other boats this weekend. I don't know what the water level cutoff is going to be.
The ramp is narrow, typically two boats are launching at a time, but you could get three across. The real problem I see is the parking. You can only park single car parking right at the top of the ramp, there is trailer parking for maybe 20 to 30 trailers beyond that. There are two small parking lots above that on the hill but they have very limited pull through for truck and trailer and the rest of the spots are single car/trailer slots. I suspect is it a mile walk from where I had to park. So, the trick will be a strategy to launch and then park elsewhere. There is parking but no dock by the main (closed) ramp. The beach essentially wraps around from the main ramp to the Hobie Cat area but there are a lot of rocks in the water out in the water where Hobie Cat parking traditionally was. You could beach towards the north end, near the old ramp.


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There is another problem for houseboats, especially if you do not have a current buoy contract. (We were dry docking and then renewing buoy contract each year). Bullfrog is extending the dock for their rentals and so they are moving out a whole section of buoys (taking out - not moving). Halls Creek only had a handful left. If you are late to the party, you might not have a buoy to tie up to.


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Thanks Richard, I am interested in what you find out. The information we got Saturday was very hard to come by and there was very little of it.