Ultrasound and mussels


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While reading a salt water magazine last month I came across an article detailing ultrasound and its uses to stop hull fouling. As I did a bit of research it appears to my non-scientific mind that ultrasound might have potential for houseboats on the lake. I'll attach a few links, curious if anyone has looked into this and what you have found? Perhaps cost-prohibitive? I don't keep a boat in the water so for me it is not an issue, just wanted to share.



I'll add this one just because it is a fascinating read even though it is old:

http://www.anstaskforce.gov/Documen...ussel Control Strategies Workshop (Final).pdf
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Thanks TR. So, I glue my subwoofer to the hull and play rap/hip-hop while I'm not on the boat and I'll be OK, right! :p