Trolling for Stripers

Ron T

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I need advice. When you troll for stripers, do you use leaded-line, down-riggers, or weights to get deeper, or just let the deep divers get as best they can?
Depends what your fishing with. Downriggers work but a 12lb ball is expensive to lose and hard to jig while it fishes. I like leaded line with a spro jig and walleye assassin tail. Occasionally pulling in a couple feet and letting it go. Yes it works! Takes a while to real them in however. less hooks to get in your finger also. Its what works best for your style and depth and number of fish.


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Spring and fall, the deep diving lures alone usually go as deep as you need. The smaller shad like lures that dive to 20' work well (like KVD 5XD). We do best in April, fishing areas that your lure is periodically bouncing off the bottom. You will catch most everything else in the lake as well...

wayne gustaveson

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I just use regular fluorocarbon line with a deep diver (12-20 Feet). I like to switch to spooning or casting as soon as I see the following school fish come under the boat. If they don't show up then I troll some more always watching the graph for advice on what to do next.


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You will also get cut off by the mussels, especially when your line goes over a high spot before the lure hits it. Following Wayne's advise, we would circle back and nearly allways found our lures floating near where it was lost!!! You can tell when the mussels cut you off, you aren't snagged, just a sudden tick, and the lure is gone...